Five Great Travel Tech Interview Tips to Get the Best Contract!

Here are a few helpful travel tech interview tips that are specific to a traveler’s interview!

So, you got all of your facility information down on a shiny new legal pad. You created your google docs with a list of interview questions that matter to you. Your cellphone is sitting next to you, screen black, silently awaiting the dreaded phone call.

But you are prepared!

You’re prepared, right?

Well, there are a few dos and do nots when it comes to a travel tech interview. Lets cover them so you don’t get stuck in a sticky situation or a lackluster contract. Remember, everything is negotiable UNTIL you sign that contract!

Travel Tech Interview Tips

Tip #1

Don’t accept the position over the phone.

If you’re interested then, of course, tell the interviewer that you are interested and are excited to move forward in the process.

The reason you don’t accept the job and the terms over the phone is because it is MUCH EASIER TO NEGOTIATE your contract up once you have that offer in hand!

Tip #2

Get a feel for your interviewer in the first few minutes of the interview.

Gauge their tone.

If they’re chatty then engage a little bit more and always be friendly. If they’re matter of fact then don’t go into long, irrelevant stories about your life.

Stay to the point and give direct answers, but adjust your conversation style to fit your interviewer.

It is important to adapt to their style as they may be pressed for time, stressed, or short staffed and need to get back to the lab. Be aware of their tone at all times!

Tip #3

Thank your interviewer for their time.

No matter if you want to accept the position or not ALWAYS thank the interviewer for their time.

It is the polite and professional thing to do, and surprisingly, it could make you stand out as a potential candidate.

Tip #4

Don’t discuss contract items with your interviewer.

Don’t discuss pay, housing, or travel arrangements with your interviewer.

If you already have time off in mind or an adjustment to your start date then it is worth mentioning in the interview.

All other details should be handled by your agency.

Tip #5

Keep track of your submissions.

Keep track of which agency submitted you to which job. This is especially important if you are working with multiple agencies.

You don’t want to submit yourself to the same facility twice (or more) with different agencies.

A simple google sheet is a great way to do this. Here is how I organize mine!

Once I accept an assignment I move all of the entries to an identical sheet labeled “expired” just so I can keep an ongoing record.

Find a system that works for you, but make sure you keep track!

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Feeling more prepared for your first facility interview? Tell me how your first interview went in the comments below!

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