Tips to Land Your First Travel Job With a Great Agency!

Now that you have your folder of documents at the ready, let’s get applying and land that first travel job!

Your first travel job is the most important and here are five recommendations to make sure its a great one!

Here are five recommendations to ensure you are successful when you start applying to travel agencies!

Recommendation #1

Apply to companies of different sizes! Let’s break down why that’s IMPORTANT.

Small Sized Agency

These agencies will typically give you a good provider experience and get you good rates.

Medium Sized Agency

These agencies will typically fetch you a better rate. Their open jobs tend to be more limited compared to the larger agencies.

Large Sized Agency

These agencies will have the largest reach which means they definitely will have the most jobs listed if you’re chasing a destination. What’s the con? Pay tends to suffer because of this.

Recommendation #2

Have all of your documents at the ready that you put in your travel folder. Don’t know what to include?

Check out Part 4 of the travel work series: Let’s Build A Spectacular Travel Folder!

Recommendation #3

Know your start date! If you need to put in two weeks at your current job, pack up and put things into storage, make pet arrangements with mom and dad… The list goes on.

Really think about these things because it will move FAST once we get the ball rolling.

Recommendation #4

Check out the companion guide to this post so you can get a good idea of what agencies are out there!

Part 5b: Comprehensive List of Travel Agencies.

The agency list is also available on the home page of the website now under Agency List!

Recommendation #5

After you’ve submitted applications to a handful of agencies make sure you spends some time talking to the recruiter that reaches out to you.

Schedule a phone interview with them. Ask them questions! Get a feel for how your working relationship will likely be moving forward.

Make sure they’re willing to spend that time with you up front as they are super important to both your placement at a job AND your ongoing support while you’re on assignment.

You need someone who’s going to bat for you in both the good times and the bad.

New to Travel Work?

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What is your favorite travel agency? Let me know in the comments below!

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