Five Great Travel Tech Interview Tips to Get the Best Contract!

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Here are a few helpful travel tech interview tips that are specific to a traveler’s interview! So, you got all of your facility information down on a shiny new legal pad. You created your google docs with a list of interview questions that matter to you. Your cellphone is sitting next to you, screen black, … Read more

The Best Questions to Ask in Your Interview: Histology Edition!

Every specialty is going to have job specific questions for their field. Let’s cover a few questions to ask during your travel tech interview… Histology Edition! Questions to Ask Here are a few histology specific questions you should consider asking during your facility interview: Which tissue types you process the most of? What is your … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Interview Prep!

Interview prep for a travel contract is a little bit different from those permanent positions you’ve interviewed for in the past. In this post we’ll cover what to expect from a facility interview. This includes what to share with the interviewer, questions to ask the facility, and some helpful tips to ensure a successful interview. … Read more