Five Great Travel Tech Interview Tips to Get the Best Contract!

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Here are a few helpful travel tech interview tips that are specific to a traveler’s interview! So, you got all of your facility information down on a shiny new legal pad. You created your google docs with a list of interview questions that matter to you. Your cellphone is sitting next to you, screen black, … Read more

The Best Questions to Ask in Your Interview: Histology Edition!

Every specialty is going to have job specific questions for their field. Let’s cover a few questions to ask during your travel tech interview… Histology Edition! Questions to Ask Here are a few histology specific questions you should consider asking during your facility interview: Which tissue types you process the most of? What is your … Read more

Extra Housing Tips to Get a Great Home on Assignment!

There are many things that can make or break a travel assignment… … and one of the biggest obstacles to a great assignment is housing! You absolutely NEED to make sure that you’re in a safe area, have a habitable place to live, and aren’t overpaying for the place you’ll be spending a good amount … Read more

Tips to Land Your First Travel Job With a Great Agency!

Now that you have your folder of documents at the ready, let’s get applying and land that first travel job! Your first travel job is the most important and here are five recommendations to make sure its a great one! Here are five recommendations to ensure you are successful when you start applying to travel … Read more

How to Find Excellent Housing as a Travel Tech!

You definitely want to make sure there’s housing in the area you plan to work in BEFORE you accept that contract! Remember, there are two ways to approach the housing situation: You find the housing yourself. This means you get a tax free housing stipend every paycheck! You let the agency find your housing. Unfortunately, … Read more