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Want a step by step guide to getting started with travel work? You’ve come to the right place! This page will be updated regularly with each post of our getting started with travel work series.

Travel Work Series

Part 1: Know Your Why to Travel

Part 1 explores the reasons that many lab techs pursue travel work, and likely some that you haven’t thought of!

Part 2: What Prerequisites Must Be Considered Before Jumping Into Travel Work?

Part 2 explores what you must have in your arsenal before you can consider travel work!

Part 3: Quit Your Day Job And Get to Traveling!

Part 3 explores a few things you establish, take care of, and consider before you leave your permanent position!

Part 4: Let’s Build a Spectacular Travel Folder!

Part 4 will cover what documents you need on hand as you start applying to agencies!

Part 5: Tips to Land Your First Travel Job With a Great Agency!

Part 5 looks at five recommendations that new travel techs might not consider when starting to apply to different agencies!

Part 5b: Comprehensive List of Travel Agencies

Part 5b is a companion post to Part 5 and provides a comprehensive list of travel agencies to choose from!

Part 6: Here Are Five Things to Consider Before Applying to Jobs!

Part 6 looks at five must consider tips as you consider applying to assignments including housing, region, pay, and more!

Part 7: How to Find Excellent Housing as a Travel Tech!

Part 7 explores the many options to choose from when trying to find housing as a travel tech!

Part 8: Extra Housing Tips to Get a Great Home on Assignment!

Part 8 covers a handful of tips to make sure you don’t get stuck in a bad housing situation while you’re hundreds of miles from home!

Part 9: Everything You Need to Know About Interview Prep!

Part 9 looks at interview prep for travel techs, and what to consider as you get ready for your first facility interview.

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Part 10: Five Great Travel Tech Interview Tips to Get the Best Contract!

Part 10 explores five must use interview tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your contract for your next travel assignment!

Part 11: Final Contract Negotiation: Don’t Forget This Important Step!

Part 11 breaks down some contract items that should be negotiated before you formally accept a job offer.