Quit Your Day Job And Get to Traveling!

I’m still employed at a permanent position… When can I quit my day job?

Woah, woah, woah…

Slow down there, cowboy.

Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.

Thomas Edison

Getting all your ducks in a row before you leave your full time position is not only going to reduce your stress during this tumultuous period in life, but also make sure that you have an easy transition into the world of travel work. We wouldn’t want to sour your first experience!

Sound good? Let’s turbocharge your career… with some legwork first!

I do need to make a point that if your personal life, health, and relationships are suffering due to your current work conditions then you may need to consider leaving your job to be in the right mindset to jump in.


I will recommend two things in that regard:

  1. Leave your permanent position on good terms. Your reputation matters!
  2. Make sure you have enough cash saved up to get you through a month or two of your expenses.

Most new travelers should be able to secure their first travel assignment 2-4 weeks AFTER you do your initial legwork.

Form Your Team

The first part is all about forming your team.

The recruiters that you work with can make or break an assignment and you want to make sure that you do your due diligence.

Take Your First Steps

Here are a few actionable steps to take before you start applying to agencies:

  1. Look up some travel companies and get familiar with their websites. Make note of a few that you like.
  2. Get a notepad and pen or a running google doc because you’re going to be taking lots of notes!
  3. Update your resume because you’re going to need that puppy polished and ready to go.

In the next part of the travel series we’ll cover the travel folder. This is a genius way to organize your documents before you start shooting off applications to agencies!

New to Travel Work?

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