The Ultimate Packing List for Travel Techs!

Traveling for your first assignment is very exciting, but it also takes a bit of planning so you can condense your lifestyle into a travel-ready bundle. Everyone’s packing list is different as we all have different comforts and preferences.

So, there’s a delicate balance you’ll need to discover for yourself. This is a great starting point for everyone, but also take a look at my other article on how to better customize it for you!

Packing List: Important Documents

The last thing you want is to be 800 miles from the information you need for your next assignment.

It’s super important to keep these handy and safe.

We actually keep our documents in a small fire-proof safe since we travel full time.

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Social security card
  • Car registration
  • Voter registration
  • Insurance cards
  • Vaccine records/Covid-19 card
  • Tax returns
  • Major credit cards or debit cards
  • Some extra cash – no more than $200. And keep some small bills in your car for tolls!
  • Travel documents – Take a look at HistoTrek’s other article here for more info

Packing List: Personal Care

I like to break these up into two categories – things I pack and things I buy.

Anything that fits into my daily routine is something that I will definitely pack.

Or if I can’t function without it when the need arises (like my eyeglass repair kit), it gets packed.

Things I Pack

  • Band-aids and antiseptic ointment
  • Pain reliever
  • Nail clippers and a file
  • Electric toothbrush, charger and toothpaste
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair dryer or straightener 
  • Travel shampoo/conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Razor
  • Face wash/moisturizer
  • Eyeglass repair kit
  • Contact lens and solution
  • Hair ties 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Personal medications 
  • Pillows – I prefer my own pillow whenever we move
  • A blanket or two that reminds me of home

Things I Buy

These are the items I typically buy once we settle into our new place.

I don’t like to pack them because they are heavy and bulky, or I just don’t need them right away.

Keep in mind that a lot of AirBnBs or Furnished Finders will have most, if not all, of these items so make sure you look around before buying.

  • Laundry detergent 
  • Toilet paper 
  • Hand soap
  • Paper towels
  • Larger bottles of shampoo and conditioner
  • Towels
  • Lint roller – always handy to make a good first impression

Packing List: Clothing

This is generally an area that gets over-packed for us.

It’s difficult deciding what seasons we’ll experience as well as what kind of activities we want to prepare for.

  • Five sets of scrubs
  • Sleepwear 
  • Two or three jeans/pants
  • Ten shirts
  • Two or three sweatpants
  • One or two sweatshirts/jackets
  • Two or three shorts – if applicable
  • At least ten sets of underwear, bras, and socks
  • Work shoes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Casual dress shoes
  • Swimsuit and sandals – if applicable
  • Coat, hat, and gloves – if applicable 
  • Rain Jacket 

Packing List: Kitchen Essentials

I know some travelers forgo cooking. And that’s fine!

However, if you do like cooking with your own equipment, like myself, these are a few items that I’ve found to be the most useful. You’re not making homemade egg noodles with this, but you can make some bomb-ass spaghettis.

If you’re on the fence about packing kitchen equipment, also consider buying some stuff once you’re all set up in your new place. 

Just as an example, a good number of my recipes call for an immersion blender, and I know that’s not something you typically see in a furnished finder.

So, I have made it a priority to pack mine, only because I use it every one to two weeks. The same goes for my 1.5-quart crockpot. I just use it enough not to warrant buying it every time we move. 

Things I Pack

  • Two pans, two pots with lids- one small and one large. It’s really great when the lids can be used for both the pot and the pan. 
  • A favorite coffee mug or tumbler
  • Water bottle
  • A couple of plastic cutting boards
  • Utensils (a couple sets of silverware, pizza cutter, wooden spoon, spatula, tongs, metal serving spoon, can opener, measuring spoons)
  • A few meal prep containers that also serve as tupperware for leftovers
  • Strainer for pasta, because who doesn’t like carbs
  • Favorite cooking spices

Things I Buy

Just double-check that your new place doesn’t already have these before you buy.

  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Dish soap
  • Sponges
  • Aluminum foil
  • Ziploc bags
  • Condiments 
  • Bottle of wine for move-in day 😉

Packing List: Electronics

During your stay, you’ll want to have all your digital comforts. Here are a few basic ones we bring.

Most of your furnished places are going to have TVs with access to all your favorite streaming sources through Roku or an Amazon Fire Stick.

We still bring a Chromecast, 1) just in case there isn’t access, 2) because it’s so small, it barely takes up space.

  • Laptop/tablet with charger
  • Phone chargers
  • Headphones – if you use them regularly
  • Kindle – I like to keep all my books on this platform but if you like the real feel of books, you can definitely bring a few!
  • Gaming console – if you’re into gaming, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t bring it along!
  • Chromecast
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries – if any of your electronics need them
  • Power strip – especially if you’ve got all the gadgets
  • Car jump starter – we keep this in car at all times just as a precaution

Packing List: The Fun Stuff

Don’t forget your hobbies! If you consistently enjoy an activity, break it down to the bare essentials and bring it along. Always keep your happiness close!

We enjoy fishing whenever the weather is just right. So we travel with a few fishing poles and basic tackle.

Or if we’re in a new location with different fish we’ll learn about new techniques and purchase some basic gear for that area. Wherever we are, it’s always an adventure and it keeps us feeling at home. 

AND YES, this fish was released!

If you have a hobby or something that keeps you feeling at home, leave a comment below, and maybe someone else will find it useful!

Fishing at Haggets Pond, Andover, MA

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