The Best Questions to Ask in Your Interview: Histology Edition!

Every specialty is going to have job specific questions for their field.

Let’s cover a few questions to ask during your travel tech interview… Histology Edition!

Questions to Ask

Here are a few histology specific questions you should consider asking during your facility interview:

  1. Which tissue types you process the most of?
  2. What is your average block count per day?
  3. What kind of equipment do you have?
    • microtomes
    • processors
    • H&E stainers
    • special stainers
    • IHC platforms
    • coverslippers, etc.
  4. How many histotechs are there on my shift? How many total?
  5. What duties are histotechs expected to do? (Some facilities have lab assistants)
    • Are histotechs expected to gross?
    • Do your histotechs cut frozens?
    • Are histotechs doing everything during their shift including cutting, embedding, IHC and specials, coverslipping, and distribution?
    • Do histotechs do the machine maintenance?
  6. Which LIS system do you use?
  7. What hours do your histotechs work?
  8. Do you expect your histotechs to work rotating shifts?
  9. How many shifts do you have?

These are just a few histology specific questions to consider asking IN ADDITION to the traditional interview questions covered in Part 9: Everything You Need to Know About Interview Prep! of the travel work series.

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Are you a medical laboratory scientist, phlebotomist, cytotechnologist, or other specialty in the medical lab that would be willing to help others? Do you have specific questions for your field?

Reach out to me via any of the social media channels @histotrek, email me at [email protected], or comment below! I would love to get a list of specific questions out for other lab techs!

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