Adventure Zone: Christmas Balls! A North Carolina Must See!

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This time we will be highlighting: Greensboro, NC – The Sunset Hills Neighborhood

Sunset Hills Neighborhood in Greensboro, NC

Best Kept Secret

Okay, so this is most definitely the best kept secret in North Carolina!

This is such a cool spot with such a unique backstory AND this special tradition started in the Sunset Hills neighborhood of Greensboro, NC.

Imagine this.

On the drive to your favorite queso takeout spot late one evening and you take a wrong turn out of the restaurant parking lot. Continue driving down that road and let your GPS do its thing… RECALCULATING.

To your left there are these AMAZING Christmas lights that look like they stretch on for miles into the distance. You’ve just stumbled upon what I affectionately call “the greenway”. Its like the most magical wonderland ever!

Let’s just say… I turned off the GPS, drove through the neighborhood AT LEAST five full times, and then… I parked the car and wandered through the neighborhood with my partner.


What are those things?

What are those strange looking contraptions?

Lighted Christmas balls!

And this handmade Christmas ornament is made of chicken wire wrapped with Christmas lights. What makes them cooler? The Christmas balls are literally shot into the trees with potato guns!

Handmade potato guns!

Like, what?

Oh, and there’s a great community outreach associated with this tradition!

The family that started this tradition accepts food donations for their food drive throughout the season. A 5k run (called the Running of the Balls) weaves through the neighborhood at night lit only by the expansive numbers of Christmas balls, and the money raised is used for community programs.

Check out this video!

Here is a video I took driving through this mystical wonderland, but let me tell you, video DOES NOT do it justice!

Want to learn more about this unique tradition? Check out the TEDx Talk by Justin Smith!

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Map It!

If you’re interested in visiting the Sunset Hills neighborhood yourself here’s a handy dandy map!

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