Final Contract Negotiation: Don’t Forget This Important Step!

Contract negotiation isn’t complete until you sign on the dotted line, but… You’ve made it this far! You found that job that fits your needs, and you got the offer! Time to celebrate like that cool pineapple you are! The Gap is Crucial What if I told you the gap between accepting the offer and … Read more

Adventure Zone: A Great Hike at Pilot Mountain State Park!

Welcome to the ADVENTURE ZONE! These posts highlight by favorite destinations, restaurants, and experiences all across the country as a travel histotechnologist. This week in the Adventure Zone we will be highlighting: Pilot Mountain State Park in Pinnacle, NC So, here’s the story of how I accidentally went on an 8 mile hike on New … Read more

Five Great Travel Tech Interview Tips to Get the Best Contract!

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Here are a few helpful travel tech interview tips that are specific to a traveler’s interview! So, you got all of your facility information down on a shiny new legal pad. You created your google docs with a list of interview questions that matter to you. Your cellphone is sitting next to you, screen black, … Read more

The Best Questions to Ask in Your Interview: Histology Edition!

Every specialty is going to have job specific questions for their field. Let’s cover a few questions to ask during your travel tech interview… Histology Edition! Questions to Ask Here are a few histology specific questions you should consider asking during your facility interview: Which tissue types you process the most of? What is your … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Interview Prep!

Interview prep for a travel contract is a little bit different from those permanent positions you’ve interviewed for in the past. In this post we’ll cover what to expect from a facility interview. This includes what to share with the interviewer, questions to ask the facility, and some helpful tips to ensure a successful interview. … Read more